Acrylic Menu Holder or Stands for any purpose!

Menu StandAcrylic brochure holders
We find all different type of Menu Stand or Holder in bakeries, public counter, company receptions, restaurants, many bars and pubs. Use of Acrylic holders is more than normal traditional menu stands. Simple Acrylic holder is normally cheap and really affordable to use for many purpose. Acrylic Menu Stand can also be used as promotion materials as you can display your company logo as commercial. It is one of the effective way because they are small enough to put anywhere on the table, counters, bar, cafes and restaurants.
Not many product is suitable for advertising, promoting and presenting new brand to introduce customers. It is also cost effective if you use other advertising campaign like newspaper, radio and TV. But Acrylic Product is cheap and simple to use, many cafe and shop owner are happy to use this product as they get it free and look professional as it is made of acrylglas. It has the flexible size depend on their standard menu to display.

We are one of the largest Acrylic Menu Stand and Holders manufacturer in Germany producing many type of acrylic products solutions to support restaurant and hotel industry.
We produce both custom and stand menu display to meet our customer’s requirements. Color and size are depend on needs any size available. It can be both A4 or A5 with both sized menu available too. Acrylic Products has advantage to use as it is not easily get dirty and quick to clean. By using it your cost is low and effective. For more information please contact us for detail price and delivery.

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