Acrylic cash or money tray for good brand visibility

Acrylic Money Tray
What help us think to use acrylic cash tray to use for brand visibility? This is very simple marketing method rather than spending lots of money on advertising at magazine, newspaper or TV. In real world and everyday life you can see money tray in shops, supermarket, chin store, cafe, restaurant, small retail shops, bakery, bars and many more in public. It just give you opportunities to show your brand let people know and see in easy way.

You just need to invest some amount of money with cash money trays with your brand name and logo. It is also good chances for chin store, bakery, restaurants to use unique brand cash tray to represent your own customers. Some big company like coca cola, pepsi, Red Bull use exclusively acrylic money tray for their branding.

What is the benefit of using Acrylic cash tray?

  • Very easy to install your brand or logo
  • Cheap compare to other advertising method
  • Clear visibility to attract customer’s eyes
  • Easy to replace with new brand
  • Any color and size available
  • Can be use as promotional gift
  • Every printed materials can be replaced

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