Acrylic Eye Wear Display for department Store to small shop

Without Acrylic, there will be no clarity and clear product stand or rack for eye wear. Comparing with other plastic materials, clean plexiglas (acrylic) is the best suit to use for eyewear stand to present your product in most effective and potential way.

Weather you need custom eyewear display , cabinets or dispenser to help your products look like natural beauty and shining like pure glance than there is only one product to use for is acrylic. If you own eyewear store and need custom design, you are in the right place. We produce any type and shape of eye wear product for many fashion stores. Nowadays many small business owner are thinking about how to get more sale to get potential customers. Product presentation is important to have successful in business.

Our products range of price are affordable for anyone and best quality maximum ISO standard. It is all made in Germany qualified standard. Whether you need 12 or 14 pairs of glass to hold for with us you can have custom size and design. If you have your brand name or image to display on your product it is absolutely available. Just give us a call or contact us for detail informations.

Important of business card holder or stand

Acrylic Card Display
Sometime we forget to think about marketing idea how to use our business card as one of the best marketing success. This can be first impression how your use your sign card in conference or seminar. People like to know your real identity and information about you and your company, that is why if is important to use professional business card with attractive business case to use.

To find the suitable card holder depends on size and color of the card you need to choose exact color design that attract people’s eye to make your brand more valuable and worth while your business. Actually you can also use the simple design holder, just plain white acrylglas case, if you have very simple style black and white business card.

Normally personal business card are design to introduce new customer with first impressions. So presentation of your business in claver way by using acrylic products. We manufacture all different type of boxes and holder for every size and color. It can be place in your desk, working table or receptions desk to see through clearly any time.It is good to use fashionable card holder rather then old wooden or glass cases. Using Acrylic Products is transparent which help your visitor view clearly see your cards.

Acrylic Business Card Holders direct from Manufacture

When it comes to business card holder for company business presentation, we cannot forget acrylic products. It is the perfect to have better communication with customers to see clear by having direct on your office table or reception desk. Just make your guest easy and comfortable to get your company address to contact you later. Design and style of the holder is a good reason to attract your new guest. You will find every custom style available to present your professional visiting card.


Sometimes it can be your customer clever decision to pick you as business partner by seeing your creativeness. So do not forget to use modern business card holders made of acrylic to impress your visitors or customers. We produce almost every type of business card stand or holders with cheap prices for your needs. With us you are buying directly from manufacture made directly in Germany as a symbol of quality products.

We product many different kind of card holders design made of acrylic, just choose the products design that suit you with your business. No matter what you are looking for you will find suitable case with us to display your business.

Clear Acrylic Display Boxes to use for your business success

Acrylic Product Display

Most of our acrylic display boxes made of clear acrylic glass not plastic. We produce display boxes to have an advantage of presenting every products beautifully. It does not break easily like glass but also look great with clear boxes. We use latest technology and design, our Products does not change color and stay clear for long time. We care our products quality and specialized in most UV protection incase of sunlight. The boxes can also make air tight and look exactly like display boxes with your own design. It can also stand on it own wherever you like, do not need any extra frame to stand it.

Because of all this positive view about acrylic boxes, long lasting and no need to maintain for long time, can also use together with LED light. It can be the right product to use as your advertising your company name or products. You can choose the custom design to put your company log and slogan inside the boxes. Instead of spending lots of money in Advertising you can use your brand with acrylic display boxes cheaper. It can also be easier for your customer as it is easy to have eye catching. Another reason why you should use clear acrylic boxes is that it is cheap compared to glass boxes and light weight. If you are looking for colored acrylic display, it is also possible to have different color design.

Acrylic Display Boxes is used to display many different regions like footballs, jewelry,eyewear,
POS and shops. With display boxes your advertising method is effective and the best choice.

If you are looking into advertising and trying to find effective methods, these are definitely a good choice. Other way acrylic products are attractive, latest design, modern and look always beautiful. By choosing to develop your business, we help you with all type of acrylic display boxes or cases you need for every items and individual design. Please take a look at our latest design and products to have an experiences.